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The White Bone Fairy nodded and said, “I’ve heard of this’celestial love demon ‘. He’s quite famous. He seems to be almost the same as your master.”. Where’s the other one? Xia Tianxiang was waiting to tell himself, but on second thought, he borrowed the name of “Rose Messenger” and said, “The other is Xu Xiangpu, the elder of Qianqing Jushi.” When the “White Bone Fairy” heard this, she was shocked and asked, “I’ve heard that Xu Xiangpu has been dead for a long time. How can he still be alive?” Xia Tianxiang replied, “This elder Xu is extremely strong. He lives near Zhongnan Death Valley. Why did you curse him to death?” The “White Bone Fairy” frowned and asked again, “Since Xu Xiangpu is alive, what about Wu Wanqiu, the’affectionate scholar ‘, and Mo Chunyang, the’ruthless swordsman’, who are as famous as him?” Xia Tianxiang answered, “But the two of them have already withdrawn from the world of mortals and are about to become materialized.” “The White Bone Fairy breathed a sigh of relief and said,” I swore to Mo Chunyang, the Ruthless Swordsman, that we would never meet again. Fortunately, he was dead, otherwise I would have to give up the excitement of the Jiangxue Cave in the Qilian Mountains. Xia Tianxiang listens to the other side to say so, can’t help regretting in the heart, think to oneself just how don’t borrow the name of Wu Wanqiu, Mo Chunyang two old-timers together? If this “White Bone Fairy” is scared off, won’t it save the master some hands and feet? Thinking of this, the girl in white, whose name was Tan Ying, came into the hall and said respectfully to the “White Bone Fairy,turmeric extract powder,” “Tell me, Fairy, I have arranged the white bone stake properly.” The “White Bone Fairy” nodded and said with a smile, “Boer is going to prepare two more ice beds, a raging fire, and seventy-two sun and moon steel balls.” Tan Ying nodded and asked in surprise, “Who is the fairy going to compete with?” The “White Bone Fairy” pointed at Xia Tianxiang and said with a smile, “The more I look at this baby now, the more difficult it is. If you are defeated on the white bone stake, I will sit on the ice bed with him and play with fire bombs.” As soon as Tan Bo raised his eyebrows,best green coffee bean extract, he asked respectfully, “Can the fairy allow his disciples to perform the’Thirteen Grasps of White Bones’?” The “White Bone Fairy” thought for a moment and said with a smile, “Although the’Thirteen Grasps of White Bones’ are very powerful, since this child speaks big words, he must have practical knowledge. He should have no fear. I will allow you to use it.” Tan Ying glanced coldly at Xia Tianxiang and saluted the “White Bone Fairy” and withdrew from the building. “The White Bone Fairy” said to Xia Tianxiang again with a smile, “Xia Tianxiang, you are very boastful for your master, Huangfucui, the sorceress of Beiming, and you are also pretentious. You might as well go to the White Bone Stake and have a contest with my disciple Tan Ying.” Xia Tianxiang remembered that in the last words of the “Rose Messenger”, he had listed the disciples of the “Three Demons of White Bones” as powerful opponents, so he knew that Tan Ying seemed to be young and might be very strong in martial arts, and he did not want to perform the “Three Styles of Rose”, so he had to be very careful to deal with it. Thinking of this, he nodded and said with a smile, “Xia Tianxiang would like to do his best to learn the power of Miss Tan’s’ Thirteen Grasps of White Bones’.” Smiling and silent, the “White Bone Fairy” stood up slowly from the futon and led Xia Tianxiang to the back of the Yicui Tower. Behind the building, there was a piece of flat land paved with very fine yellow sand. On the sand, there were eight, carnosic acid price ,pumpkin seed extract, nine, and seventy-two white bones. The bones are as thick as duck eggs and about two feet long, but they are different in size, like human and animal leg bones. Inserted into the sand less than an inch, it is equivalent to a virtual swing floating. If there is no top flying skill, it is not easy to walk for a week on this white bone stake. What is even more difficult is that other plum blossom piles, gold bricks for palms, bamboo knife arrays, arhat incense piles, and so on, the distance between the step and the eye, the height of the pile is low, are consistent, but this self-bone pile is not the case. Some piles are nearly three feet high, some are only one foot seven or eight, and the distance is uneven. It is clear that once a person gets on the pile, he will be distracted and pay attention to his feet. With all his strength, he will be at least 30% off The White Bone Fairy saw that Xia Tianxiang frowned slightly and knew that he had seen the power of the white bone stake. He said with a smile, “Since you are a disciple of a famous scholar, you should see that my white bone stake is different from the common customs.” Xia Tianxiang said with a smile, “This white bone stake is round at both ends. It floats shallowly in the sand. The degree of stress seems to be similar to that of an arhat bunch of incense stakes.”. However, the height is uneven and the distance is different, which has great restrictions on the expansion and contraction of the step eye.
Fortunately, I have also practiced the’Lingbo Step ‘for a few days, or I can be reluctant to accompany Miss Tan on a few moves to admire the power of the’Thirteen Grasps of White Bones’. Tan Ying a sneer, fragrant shoulder slightly shake, white clothes a flutter, then from light and graceful incomparably to the white bone pile. Since Xia Tianxiang’s adventure in the coffin, his true strength has increased, and through the painstaking efforts of Xu Xiangpu, who is known as the third messenger of the rose, he is willing to pass away ahead of time. He has given his inner magic skill, which he has practiced for decades, as a gift. How can he benefit so much? Now a skill, has been comparable to the big master, coupled with the intention to show off, a mention of True Qi, the body floating in the air, like a peerless flying fairy, with virtual steps also fell on the white bone pile. As expected, the “White Bone Fairy” accident was caused by the ingenious posture and the old heat shown in this flying skill, which made Miss Tan Ying, who was on the White Bone Pile first, more alert. Where it is a competition on the pile, both sides must first walk the whole pile position before fighting each other, so as to observe the degree of stress under their feet and the distance of their steps. Xia Tianxiang is very clever. When he walks, he feels that it is very difficult to walk far and far under his feet. If he is a little distracted, he will fall down. I thought to myself that it would be too much of a loss to start on this strange pile array that the other side was familiar with and that I was unfamiliar with. Why not think of a way to reduce the degree of loss? In the place where the mind is moving, the competition is between wandering, and the dark luck Vajra’s powerful posture makes those higher white bone stakes step slightly deeper into the sand, which is roughly an average state, but the distance of the step is different, but it can not be improved. Tan Ying looked on coldly. She admired Xia Tianxiang’s carefulness and hated him for his cunning. Knowing that the other side had a magic skill, she did not dare to neglect him at all. She secretly condensed the “White Bone Xuangong” given by her master, the “White Bone Fairy”, and concentrated on her hands, ready to meet the strong enemy. Xia Tianxiang tried to walk through all the eight, nine, and seventy-two white bone stakes. He returned to the center and was waiting to speak to Tan Ying with folded fists, asking her to make a move. But when his eyes were fixed on her,rosmarinic acid supplement, he was suddenly startled. He thought to himself that the girl’s complexion was reddish, but now she suddenly turned so pale in the blink of an eye. She looked like a living dead man. When Xia Tianxiang was gazing in surprise, Tan Ying stretched out her hands and grabbed Xia Tianxiang in the air.

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