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The Master said that he was naturally unfeeling and did not understand love, so he could not calculate the number of the country. The girl’s calm appearance hides turbulent emotions, such as stormy waves, which are in danger of being swallowed up at any time if they get a little closer. He wanted to understand the seven emotions and six desires that affected his calculation, and looked around at the people around him, and she was naturally the most suitable. But no matter how to use common sense to calculate, she always seems to behave differently, for example, now, the situation ahead of him can be keenly aware of the danger, can also feel the excitement between the slightly trembling hands of the girl just standing beside her, but she did not want to leave. The complexity of seven emotions and six desires seems far beyond his imagination. The watchman knocked on the clappers and shouted, “The weather is dry, so be careful of the fire.” I can still shout these days, but in a few days, they will not be able to come out. After the Mid-Autumn Festival will be Zhongyuan festival, in previous years these days encountered numerous strange things. This is also the busiest time of the year for Onmyoji. No one wants to run around outside at night like this, just meet a wild cat or a wild dog, in case you meet something unclean, you really don’t even know how to die! Bangzi knock “Dangdang” sound, the lane winding, mixed with the maze,polyfoil tube, low and short, different shapes of the houses are many of the people themselves built up, coupled with constant renovation, the appearance of nature is not very regular. This kind of irregularity is mixed together, which makes people who walk in it at night have a sense of chaos. Under the lamplight of the walking stick, the houses made all kinds of shadows, which made people afraid. No matter how many times they walked, it was still frightening to walk on this road in the middle of the night. The shadow flashed by,custom cosmetic packing, his hands trembled, and Bangzi fell to the ground in fright, making a dull sound. Moving shadow, what was that just now? Beating more people’s faces were frightened, and for a moment, all the ghost stories that people had seen in the past, passed on by word of mouth, and listened to the teahouse storytellers came out of their minds. Those two long bamboo poles are flashing by? What is that? Is it a person? More people are afraid to move their lips: “Yes.” Is anyone there? He was answered by the whistling of the wind, which made a sharp sound like a ghost crying. Wei Yaoqing, who was standing in the corner, was a little embarrassed. She just happened to pass by, but unexpectedly she met the watchman. She looked at the wild cat who had slept and woke up. She reached out and patted it. The wild cat scurried out, and its shadow was stretched out. It looked like a huge thing. Only this time, more people see clearly, this shadow is like a monster, cosmetic plastic tube ,eye cream packaging tube, but it turns out to be a wild cat. He frightened himself, beat more people secretly scolded a few times, picked up the clapper, and continued to knock up. When the watchman left, she went on, recognized one of the houses, went over and knocked on the window. There was a loud sound, and the window opened a crack. She could see the woman who opened the crack of the window, holding a dagger in her hand, as if ready to strike at any time. Seeing her, she was stunned and opened the door immediately. Wei Yaoqing stepped in and stopped the woman from trying to light the lamp. “It doesn’t matter, Lady Li. You don’t have to light it. We can just talk.” Lady Li sat down, and the girl pulled the stool and sat down. Has there been a letter from Jinan? Sitting down, the first thing he asked was Mr. Zhang. This girl and the young son of the Zhang family were really no different from their own brothers and sisters. Li Niangzi answered, “Li San said that they were all good there. The young man was very intelligent and studied very hard.” “Brother Xie has always been a good boy.” The girl’s voice is very gentle, even if there is no light, can not see the expression on the girl’s face, but Li Niangzi can also imagine that she must be smiling. I’ve been a little busy recently, and I haven’t had time to come here until now. The girl said, “This time, I want to ask you about things in Jianghu.” She paused. “To be exact, it’s about the Yin and Yang sorcerers in Jianghu.”.
” Chapter 627 thieves. The Yin and Yang sorcerers who refused to be used by the imperial court either went through the streets and alleys, earned some money on their own, or practiced the art of Yin and Yang in a rare and uninhabited place. Whether it was good money or penance or other reasons, although most of the Yin and Yang sorcerers were masters in Jianghu, few of them would really get involved in it. Generally, they lived their own lives. And the world can really be regarded as the Yin and Yang sorcerer of the big family is only two, the original command of the Department of Yin and Yang Zhang and the former Liu. Now one family is exterminated, and one family belongs to the remnants of the former Dynasty. If they are found to be accused, they will be arrested. Apart from these two, most of the Yin and Yang sorcerers scattered in Jianghu are self-indulgent and seldom appear together, but this time, it seems that something is different. She wrote down the post that Master Skylight had given her before, although she did not move. It’s not that I don’t want to blend in, but it’s too dangerous. Jianghu is deep. You never know how many masters are hiding in it. If they are found out, it is almost impossible to get away with it. Master Skylight’s post to her was just a reminder of the matter. Now it seems that Master Skylight’s reminder is not a whim. When she asked about the Yin and Yang sorcerers in Jianghu, Lady Li said, “There are indeed some rumors, but those Yin and Yang sorcerers are different from us.”. The news is just hearsay, but I heard that there is such a thing, and when the busybody inquired about the location of the past, it has already been empty, and I do not know where to go. “Mmm.” Wei Yaoqing answered noncommittally. After Li Niangzi sat opposite her for a long time, she couldn’t help muttering, “If only the heavenly teacher were here, I wouldn’t have to wait like a headless fly.” If Grandfather is here? Although she was not clear about the purpose of the gathering of these Yin and Yang sorcerers in Jianghu, she faintly realized that it should be related to the accident of the Zhang family. Like a scale that controls all forces in the world, one side suddenly loses a chip,empty cosmetic tubes, the balance naturally begins to be precarious, the scale swings from side to side, just as the situation in the world begins to be out of control. emptycosmetictubes.com

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