But I can’t catch up with him. Why do you do what you know is impossible to win? It will only get more and more painful. “I can catch up!”! I’m sure I can catch up! He suddenly turned to me and looked at me with great determination. Thank you for your comfort. I smiled bitterly. Not comfort! I don’t have to comfort you! (2) Stripping of beautiful men What ~? What do you mean you don’t have to comfort me? Am I not even qualified to be comforted by you? Damn the ice cream. What little affection I had for you just now is all gone. Do you like me so much that I hate you? “The reason why I’m so sure you can catch up is that I’m your love strategist, and there’s nothing I can’t handle!” He ignored my words and said in such a narcissistic way. All right, all right, you blow, you blow hard and hard, for the sake of an Shengyu GG, I will believe your bragging! But what if you don’t help me catch up with him? “Let you punish!” “Good ~!”! It’s a deal! If you don’t help me catch up with him, I want you to jump into the river immediately, and you must jump too! I suddenly got excited for no reason. Haha, punishing this zombie nerve must be a very interesting thing. I’m suddenly not in a hurry to catch up with Ansheng GG. Uh “No!”! We have to set up some kind of contract proof, lest you don’t help me catch up with An Shengyu GG and refuse to admit it! As I said this, I suddenly patted my head and thought of a good idea: “Ice cream, take off your clothes!” ‘What’s The matter? You want to molest me? The corner of his mouth suddenly appeared a bad smile once seen in a hundred years. Go to hell I raised my left foot and stamped mercilessly on one of his feet. “I wouldn’t molest a stray dog if I molested you, a married old man!!!” “……” He looked at me, did not speak,aluminium tile trim profiles, did not move, or let his foot step on my foot, as if the foot I stepped on was not his foot. Sweat ~.. This idiot ice cream, won’t he automatically take his foot off my foot? Does he like to be trampled by me? Ah ah ah ~, I know, his brain is already sick ~,metal trim manufacturers, he is a zombie nerve ah ~, zombie God! By! I moved my left foot away from his and said to him in a loud and fierce voice: Hurry up! Ice cream, get undressed! Take off your mouse skin coat! After standing there like a puppet for a moment, he did not speak and began to undress, but as soon as he unbuttoned two buttons from bottom to top, I quickly stopped him: “OH~,MY GOD!!! You’re not wearing anything underneath ~ ~?!! What’s wrong with you-it’s a chilly April day, and you’re wearing a coat as thin as an onion skin. Do you want to freeze to death?! “Who is like you-a pig scared to death of the cold!” “Wow, you damn guy, not long after I warned you, you called me a pig again in a twinkling?”? You don’t want to live, tile trim factory ,stainless steel tile trim, do you? “……” I think you just don’t want to live! I don’t pity you anymore. People like you are not worthy of pity at all! Take off my clothes quickly. I have to take off my clothes even if I don’t wear anything inside. Anyway, you say you are not afraid of the cold. It should be nothing to blow the cold wind with bare upper body. You can also exercise? Bingling’s brother-in-law? Dizzy ~ ~, I didn’t expect that he really began to take off obediently. I had to turn my back to him and let him take off because I couldn’t take back what I had just said. Hey, have you finished taking off? It’s been a long time. After standing with my back to him for a long time, I heard that there was no movement behind me for a long time, so I finally couldn’t help speaking, of course, when I spoke, I continued to turn my back to him.
Are you kidding? Although ice cream is a married old man who has no attraction to me, after all, he is still a man, not a woman. For a man who is not married to me, how can I look at his naked upper body? His eyes will grow sores, and I don’t want my eyes to grow sores! “I’m done.” Sweat ~ ~.. Why is this sound so close and clear? It’s like talking in my ear. Is he standing right behind me, close to me? “Big sex fiend ~ ~!”! Go to hell, you!!! I turned my hands neatly and pinched his neck accurately. But soon I realized that this attack was very unwise, because he was very tall, much taller than me. I grabbed his neck with my backhand and had to stand on tiptoe like a ballet. I was so tired. I had to give him a good pinch on the neck and quickly let go, and then began to breathe heavily. Damn ~, really depressed ~, the attack person suffers the most instead is myself! But that guy is good, from the beginning to the end did not say a word, every time I attack him is such a “attack is not me” irrelevant, really can not stand him, is not to be a student directly to the sandbag is more appropriate?! “Give me the clothes!” When I recovered my breath and was not so tired, I turned my back to the ice cream and gave him my hand. He was so good today, so strangely good, that he actually sent his clothes. I turned my back to him and took the mouse-skin coat. Then I turned my back to him and spread the mouse-skin coat flat on the floor of the roof. Then I began to take a pen from my own pocket, but it took me a long time to realize: “Oh, oh, oh, oh!”! I didn’t bring that oily pen! I remember to bring ah ~, is it wrong to remember or accidentally dropped where? Depressed No way, ice cream, borrow your finger! “What for?” Standing behind me,stainless steel edging strip, the ice cream, which had been dumb for a long time, finally reopened his cold hissing mouth.

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