Mochizuki realized that there was something wrong with it, and thought that she had lived here for some time and should know more about it than she did, so she answered honestly. After listening to the sound, he twirled the small and delicate cake in his hand, put it in front of the candle and looked at it. He chuckled, “Mr. Yang is really attentive to you.” “……?” “This is the most famous’Drunken Hibiscus’ of’Desire to Eat Zhai ‘. People queue up to buy it every day, from morning till night.”. The restaurant was too far away from Baihualou, and I often sent someone to buy hibiscus cakes for me, but I couldn’t taste the freshest ones, and I often couldn’t buy them. I was too lazy to buy it later. If you don’t live in Qingque Lane, then Mr. Yang will help you buy this cake. He probably queued up in the middle of the night to catch up with the time to come to Baihualou in the morning. “Miss Yang, you’ve found yourself a good man.” Listening tone complex, looking at Mochizuki, also like seeing flowers in a fog, clear and hazy: “Are you really Saint Mochizuki?”? In the past, you have repeatedly admired Yang Qing, but now, can you let him stay up at night to buy you food? You suddenly have such a good relationship? Mochizuki was stunned and did not speak for a long time. She thought that Yang Qing did not say anything, but said that he bought it “on the way”. She’s new in town. She doesn’t know anything. He said “on the way” that is “on the way”, he said “bought in the morning” that is “bought in the morning”, not to listen to the broken point,Pi tape measure, Mochizuki did not know that Yang Qing shuttled through more than half of the town, in order to buy more than a dozen cakes for her. Last night he was driven out of the door by her, should be holding what kind of mood, did not go to bed, but walked in the cold night, to buy cakes for her. When Mingyang saw him in the morning, he said that his face was pale and pale. That’s not just because of poisoning, but also because of sleepless nights. And he really gave her more than a dozen cakes that he had covered all morning,Surveyors tape measure, but he didn’t get a good word from her. Mochizuki’s heart was suddenly as painful as a needle prick, and her face turned pale. She cast down her eyes and thought of the elegant young man. He is a very good man. He was really nice to her. But he is so reserved that he doesn’t say a lot of things. This hidden tenderness, suddenly exposed, is like a delicate and beautiful rose placed under the window in the middle of the night, fragrant all over the sky. In the eyes of listening to the sound, Mochizuki suddenly turned around, opened the door and went out. Guessing what the little girl was going to do, she sat down with a smile on her lips and tasted the delicious cake: So, the master of emotion, I am the only one. Looking at the moon, I ran in the corridor on the second floor. Someone watching them saw it and didn’t know whether to stop it or not. Hesitantly, the girl had pushed open a door on the edge and rushed in, “Yang Qing!” Behind the screen, the young man sat on the bed and meditated. The clothes are thin and the beauty is like jade. Hearing the charming voice of a young girl’s oriole, he opened his eyes, fish measuring tape ,horse weight tape, but did not react at all, and was hit by the oncoming girl. Beautiful youth is the most vulnerable time, a stuffy hum, was thrown on the bed. Dong, it’s a loud noise. Accompanied by the youth’s helpless voice, “You get up first, what’s wrong with you?” He put his hand on the girl’s waist and tried to pull her off. Yang Qing was not used to being attacked before, but now he is used to being attacked, and he feels that all this is normal. Many of his rules and regulations, his principles, are also being revised by Mochizuki. The girl did not get up, but held his face affectionately and said gently, “Yang Qing, I’ll tell you where I’m unhappy, OK?” “Hm?” Yang Qing blinked, paused, and then said, “you say.” He could not push it away, so he lay on the bed, maintaining the position of being pressed by the girl, looking up at the girl above. Mochizuki Jiaojiao said, “I am very unhappy about your association with Yao Fu.”. I don’t like you talking to her. I have a little connection with her. I want you to promise me, swear to me, that you will never have anything to do with it. Even if we.. No matter what we do, you will never choose her in your life, never choose her! Yang Qing’s eyes twinkled and he said gently, “You let me think about it.” “I want you to kill her for me.” “There is absolutely no consideration of this.” “Then you..” You can’t care about the enmity between me and her. Don’t interfere.
” “It can be considered.” “Between me and her, when we have a dispute, when it doesn’t involve major issues of right and wrong, you always choose me.” “It can be considered.” “I don’t like you lecturing me about being vicious. You can never say a bad word to me.” “Do I?”? Well, I can think about it. “And..” Mochizuki lay on him and gave him a lot of advice. Some are reasonable, some are importunate, Yang Qing gave her a reply in a low voice. Mochizuki spoke quickly and quickly, while Yang Qing spoke softly and slowly. But it was a smooth communication between you and me. Looking at his star-like eyes, Mochizuki was so happy in his heart: So that’s it. If I don’t say anything, he doesn’t know anything. I said, whether he agrees or not, he will respond. It turns out that feelings are like this. Not just you guess I guess, or you say I listen, I say you listen, we say together, listen together. Finally, Mochizuki leaned over and kissed him lightly on the lips. The tip of his nose touched each other, and he felt that he really made him happy and made her heart soft into a pool. Her heart is full of love, smiling, “then you think about it slowly.”. Think about it and give me an answer. “Good.” “Do you have any requirements for me?” “No.” “……” Mochizuki was stunned for a moment. “Don’t you ask me to change something?”? You can tell me, and I will think about it. We should be honest with each other. It’s not interesting to guess. Yang Qing smiled, “I did not let you guess,Adhesive fish ruler, I really have no requirements for you.”. You’re fine the way you are. The rest is my problem. He propped himself up and sat up. Seeing that she didn’t believe him, he chuckled and the dimples on his cheeks reappeared. “I don’t ask for anything else from you.” When the words fell, she kissed him on the tip of his ear. Yang Qing turned his head away and his ears were slightly red. “Don’t do that. It’s itchy.” Mochizuki wants to kiss him again. Yang Qing raised his arm to fend it off.

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