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Ning Meng jumped close to him with small steps: “Don’t you think I’m troublesome?” “No.” She smiled and exhaled, looked at the boy’s high nose and eyes in front of him, and asked him in a low voice: “From tomorrow on, will you come to my house to tutor me?” What is it like to be insatiable? She’s like this. Su Huai did not know how to say, he felt that he should refuse, but because all said to help her and then repent really no credit, so promised him. Su Huai felt that he was forced to do so. It’s not voluntary. He felt much more comfortable thinking about it. Ning Meng was led by him, his face turned red, and he kept giggling, laughing and saying: “Su Huai, you are so good, I really like you.” The daily routine of confession has become a daily routine for both of them. Ning Meng never waited for the boy’s answer, because she was used to it, but she didn’t see the boy’s expression at that time. If she saw it, according to her Frank temperament, she would ask, “Su Huai, what are you laughing at?” Chapter 24 the Twenty-fourth Lemon. After that night, Su Huai really came to Ning Meng’s house every day to help her make up lessons. Although it seemed that there was no love on the surface, she knew how many times he glanced at the clock on the wall every morning and went out on time at nine o’clock. At that time, Mother Su asked him,secondary containment pallet, “Xiao Huai, where are you going?” Su Huai simply answered: “Help Ning Meng to make up lessons.” Then he felt a little strange and returned to add: “I didn’t take the initiative to mention it.” But Mother Su smiled with a mirror and shook her head, thinking that the person who helped others was more anxious than the person who was tutored. Her son is really duplicitous. Ning Meng also got up early. She always has a good habit of going to bed on time and getting up on time. On the one hand, she was taught by her mother. On the other hand, she relied on self-consciousness. She has always been a very obedient child. In addition, Su Huai promised to tutor her study, she was even more excited, got up at seven o’clock in the morning to recite the text,drum spill pallet, listen to English and wait for Su Huai to come. When she was writing the seventh multiple choice question, there was a conversation outside the house. She happily put down her pen and ran out. As soon as she opened the door, she saw Su Huai coming in from outside the door in a dark coffee coat. The tip of his nose was a little reddish, with the chill of the morning breeze outside, and he was talking to his mother. Out of the corner of his eye, he caught a glimpse of her running out of the bedroom and gave her all his eyes. Wen’s mother also turned her head and said with a smile, “Look how anxious you are.” After touching the top of her hair, he said to Su Huai, “Well, you go into the bedroom first, and I’ll bring you some snacks later.” “Thank you, Aunt Wen,” said Su Huai politely. “Oh, you’re welcome. Go ahead.” With these words, Wen Mu went to the kitchen. Su Huai sees she still stands stupidly to look at him, ibc spill pallet ,plastic pallet manufacturer, coughed: “Go.” Only then did Ning Meng walk into the room. As she walked, she said, “Su Huai, this is the first time you have entered my room.” Su Huai would like to say, this is the second time, the first time, simply can not bear to look back. The torture of that night is still fresh in his memory. But for the sake of saving face, he said, “Yes.” The girl had already prepared a chair for him and put it next to her chair. The distance between them was not too close or too far. It was just the right distance. She knew it was a distance he would find irresistible. Ning Meng knows him very well. He sat down and turned over the papers Ning Meng had written, holding his head in one hand and drawing circles on the papers with a 2B pencil in the other to help her check for mistakes. Su Huai looked at the questions very quickly, and soon finished reading two or three papers. At this time, Wen’s mother knocked on the door and brought in a plate of biscuits and two glasses of juice. Seeing that Ning Meng was so attentive, she did not make a sound to disturb her and silently closed the door for them. Su Huai picked up a small biscuit and put it in her mouth, holding her head and looking at Ning Meng, the girl seemed to have a problem, frowning a little, and the head of the ballpoint pen in her hand was stretched and shrunk against her chin. Su Huai followed her eyes to look at the question on her paper, which was a multiple choice question, the type of basic deformation, medium difficulty, and he spent a minute calculating it in his mind, and then spoke softly: “Choose C.”.
” This sound made Ning Meng, who was still troubled, suddenly look up at him, and Su Huai, who was about to take another small biscuit to eat, suddenly paused at her glance and felt that it seemed a little strange to continue eating. So the hand holding the biscuit changed its orbit in midair and reached in front of Ning Meng. Ning Meng blinked his eyes and did not understand Su Huai’s action. Su Huai also felt that he was trying to feed her, but when he reached out to her, he pretended to be calm and said, “Open your mouth.” Ning Meng opened her mouth subconsciously and was stuffed with a small biscuit. The cookies were baked by my mother, and they were delicious and crisp, no worse than those sold in the cake shop outside. She ate happily and did not forget to say thank you to Su Huai. Here she naturally finished eating the biscuit and continued to look at the topic, but Su Huai felt that his action was a bit provocative, that is not written in the book, how Ning Meng now has no reaction at all. As soon as this idea came out, Su Huai felt that he was sick again, and he was really convinced of what he was expecting. In order to get rid of this mess of ideas, he took Ning Meng’s ballpoint pen, took a piece of draft paper, wrote a few simple and understandable steps to solve the problem, and then pointed to the process step by step to explain to her. Ning Meng felt that Su Huai’s method of lecturing was different from that of the teacher, who taught her to repeat and understand for a long time every time, but she could understand what Su Huai told her once. As soon as the problem was solved, the girl’s face was instantly exposed, and she happily called Su Huai “Teacher Su”. This name is quite in the heart of Su Huai, although Ning Meng liked him for eleven years, but always called his full name,plastic pallet suppliers, also did not call any other name. The sudden change of name made him feel a strange feeling in his heart. Not the bad kind. On the contrary, he was a little happy, and he wanted to hear more about what Ning Meng called him.

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