Lin Lei, who had fallen to the ground, saw in midair a scene of psychedelic sword shadows that almost shuttled through time and space, and in the blink of an eye he was in front of his eyes. At this moment.. The whole world in Lin Lei’s eyes was filled with the magic shadow of the sword. Lin Lei had no time to resist. But in the eyes of Sessler, the five Buck brothers, and the distant onlookers, they felt the temperature of the surrounding space suddenly drop to a terrible level, and people’s eyebrows were frozen with frost. At the same time, the tip of Steller’s long sword reached the position between Lin Lei’s eyebrows. But Lin Lei, however, did not react at all, letting the sword stab the past. “Master.” “Boss.” …… The two Warcraft, Helu and Beibei, could only watch Lin Lei being killed. Episode 8 Traveling Ten Thousand Miles Chapter 36 The Real Strong Updated: January 14, 2009 2:58:18 Words in this chapter: 6865 Teller’s sword also surpasses the level of’potential ‘in the realm. If the’profound meaning of the earth’ of’Black Yu Epee ‘is a special attack, and Teller’s sword is a word’fast’. Dead? Lin Lei’s heart is strongly unwilling, he does not want to die, he has not reached the goal in his heart. But in this world, many people do not want to die when they die, after all, the world is not around him alone, many things are very helpless. The eldest brother Beibei’s tears flowed out. But suddenly, Beibei was stunned. Not only Beibei, but also Helu, Sessler, the captain of the Black Knight, the five brothers of Buck, and even a large crowd of people watching in the distance were stunned. What’s wrong Everyone’s heart is confused. Lin Lei was on the ground at this time, and Steller stabbed Lin Lei in the air. The sword was very close to Lin Lei’s eyebrows. But the two of them were so frozen. Even the blood dripping from the tiger’s mouth in Lin Lei’s right hand stopped in the air and did not move. At this time,Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe, the space in which Lin Lei and Steller lived seemed to stand still, and neither people nor objects could move. Not only them, but also the five brothers, Beibei, Helu, Sessler and Buck, who were in the courtyard, were motionless. Silence! An oppressive and eerie silence. Nastler also had an unprecedented horror in his eyes. Master Lin Lei, long time no see. Only a frivolous voice was heard, one with long black hair. A man in his thirties in a loose robe came over. He was the same as before, as if he had just woken up. Steller, right? Every little guy has reached the peak of the Holy Land. If I don’t make progress, I really have no face to see people. As soon as the lazy man in the loose robe waved his hand, Steller seemed to be hit by a mountain, and the whole person flew out like a meteorite. Peng! “Peng!” “Peng!” “Peng!” …… Steller’s body smashed more than a dozen walls before falling to the ground. Lin Lei, 304 Stainless Steel Sheet ,304 Stainless Steel Bar, I haven’t seen you for more than three years. The lazy man looked at Lin Lei with a smile. At the same time, Lin Lei felt that he could move again, and the five brothers, Beibei, Helu, Sessler and Buck, all regained their mobility. The oppression of terror disappeared. Lord Hisse. Lin Lei bowed gratefully. Lin Lei was more grateful than ever. He was completely desperate just now. The other side saved his life, Lin Lei how not grateful. It was Cisse, the king of killers. Sessler and others are dumbfounded, just that scene is really too strange, that Shtler in front of this person unexpectedly no resistance. The sound of rolling rubble sounded. Steller crawled to his feet, and though his face was dusty, he came over and looked at Cisse in disbelief. You, you, this, this is.. Steller was completely shocked. What is this? Ha ha, you say. What is this Cisse looked at Steller with an evil smile. Steller completely lost the momentum of the strong, but looked at Cisse in surprise, stammering: “God.”. God, the realm of God? “The realm of God?” Lin Lei, Sessler and others were also taken aback. No wonder Steller was so shocked that he was able to completely freeze everyone’s actions in the scene just now. This is only the legendary “realm of God”, and the realm of God. Only when you reach the level of God can you have it.
Today, the four strongest powers in Yulan are O’Brien, the God of War, the High Priest, and the two kings of the Dark Forest and the Warcraft Mountains. But now. The king of killers, Cisse, has the realm of God. Ha-ha Cisse smiled. Lord Hisse. A group of people, such as Lin Lei, looked at Cisse in surprise. Cisse touched the moustache with a smile. “Don’t be surprised, Steller. You guys are all so arrogant. I reached the peak of the Holy Land more than five thousand years ago.”. I practice much faster than you. I’m a genius. Hisey spat and hummed, “But I have been trapped in the peak of the Holy Land for more than five thousand years. If I don’t break through, I will lose face.”. So, two years ago, Lao Tzu finally broke through that small membrane. A group of people, such as Shitler, Lin Lei and Sessler, remained silent. Jesus. A god-level strong man was born. Lin Lei can also understand that, according to Grandpa Delin, that Cisse was a figure of the same era as Delinkwater, who was a strong man in the Holy Land at that time. For more than five thousand years, it is not abrupt to finally break through and reach the level of God. Lord Hisse. Steller immediately bowed respectfully. Any god-level strong man is enough to make him respectful. As long as you reach the God level, you can ignore the existence of the Empire, they are the peak, a God level strong fight for serious injury, it is not difficult to destroy the Holy See of Light. What’s up Hisse glanced at Steller. Steller said respectfully, “Lord Hisse, for so many years,Stainless Steel Industrial Pipe, Lord Hisse has had a very good relationship with our Holy See of Light.”. I don’t know if Lord Hissy is willing to enter my church of light, as long as Lord Hissy is willing, I believe His Holiness is willing to make any concessions. God-level strong man. sxthsteel.com

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